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Subject index: Public houses - Pupils reports

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Public information [U]
MT 5.10 Communication research and policy
SN Information, offered by governmental and corporate bodies to the public, to disseminate knowledge concerning the programmes and activities of the institution.
BT1 Mass communication [U] Linked terms
BT2 Communication process [U] Linked terms
RT Advertising [U] Linked terms
RT Information dissemination [U] Linked terms
RT Interest groups [U] Linked terms
RT Official publications [U] Linked terms
RT Persuasion [U] Linked terms
RT Propaganda [U] Linked terms
RT Public relations [U] Linked terms
Public international law [U] USE International law
Publicity [U] USE Advertising
Public libraries [U]
MT 5.25 Documentary information systems
SN A library which serves the population of a community or region free of charge or for a nominal fee.
BT1 Libraries [U] Linked terms
NT1 Municipal libraries [U] Linked terms
RT National libraries [U] Linked terms
Public notaries [A]
MT 6.05 Legal systems
BT1 Notaries [A] Linked terms
BT2 Legal profession [U] Linked terms
Public open spaces [A]
MT 4.45 Human settlements and land use
BT1 Open spaces [U] Linked terms
Public opinion polls [U]
MT 4.05 Social sciences
BT1 Social surveys [U] Linked terms
BT2 Social research [U] Linked terms
Public order [U] USE Law enforcement
Public participation [U] USE Political participation
Public policy [U] USE Government policy
Public property [A]
MT 4.45 Human settlements and land use
BT1 Property [K] Linked terms
Public records [U] USE Public archives
Public schools [U] USE Public education
Public servants [U] USE Civil servants
Public services [U] USE Public utilities
Public services reform [A]
MT 6.15 Politics and government
BT1 Public administration [U] Linked terms
BT2 Government [U] Linked terms
Public squares [A]
MT 4.50 Buildings and the built environment
BT1 Built works [A] Linked terms
Public welfare [U] USE Social welfare
Publishers [U]
MT 5.20 Information industry
MT 6.80 Personnel management
MT 8.15 People and roles
BT1 Communication personnel [U] Linked terms
BT2 Personnel [U] Linked terms
BT3 People by occupation [K] Linked terms
BT4 People [A] Linked terms
NT1 Medical publishers [A] Linked terms
RT Book production training [UA] Linked terms
RT Publishing [U] Linked terms
Publishing of periodicals [A]
MT 5.20 Information industry
BT1 Publishing [U] Linked terms
BT2 Publishing industry [U] Linked terms
Puerperal disorders [H]
MT 2.85 Pathology
BT1 Diseases [U] Linked terms
BT2 Pathology [UH] Linked terms
Pulmonary tuberculosis [H]
MT 2.85 Pathology
BT1 Diseases [U] Linked terms
BT2 Pathology [UH] Linked terms
Pulp technology [U] USE Paper technology
Pumping stations [A]
MT 6.60 Equipment and facilities
BT1 Hydraulic equipment [U] Linked terms
BT2 Mechanical equipment [U] Linked terms
Punishment [U] USE Penal sanctions
Pupils [U] USE Students

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